Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Midnight Inspiration

"Chic is all about creating a style that is uniquely yours...don't be a slave to fashion and never take fashion or yourself to seriously"

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the rights to these pictures they're solely being used for inspiration.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Midnight Inspiration

"I work on the assuption that a house is successful if it's plesant to live in."  —Designer Alexandra de Garidel-Thoron

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the rights to these pictures they're solely being used for inspiration.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do you like to 4play?

Hi Dolls, 

I suppose this is going to be sort of a review for those in search of a good curling wand. I recently (by recently I truly mean 3 months ago) purchased the Nume 4 Play... Just because. There was no rhyme nor reason for this purchase. 

I'm sure there are tons of reviews on this brand but not many on the 4 Play. Nevertheless, if you would ask me the company decided on a rather naughty name for this TOOL but after much thought and consideration I concluded that the name suits this tool perfectly since it is a 4 in 1 wand, which you can play around with and create many  fabulous hair styles. One iron, four attachments with adjustable digital controls which allows you to play around with the temperature, seriously why have a drawer full  tools and wires when you have such a state of art iron that does absolutely everything except straighten?

The 4Play includes a reversible 9mm-13mm attachment, 19mm attachment, 25mm attachment, 
and a 32mm attachment. 

9mm-13mm attachment creates super tight curls and amazing volume
19mm- creates banana curls 
25mm- looser and classic looking curls
32mm- big voluminous waves/curls

I seriously do not have anything bad to say about this tool at all other than the fact I burnt my ear
and my hand so bad I jumped, swore, and cried like a hyena on drugs (quite can't picture a hyena on 
on drugs but it's the only crazy analogy that my brain fabricated). I don't know about you guys but I TRULY 
despise the discomfort and pain from a minor burn. SOOOOO in order to soothe the pain and 
burning sensation I usually spray Dermoplast which is a pain relieving spray and also my one of
my HOLY GRAIL product. This spray is typically used for bug bites, blisters, 
minor cuts, sunburn & minor burns. 

Thanks to this random purchase and Nume I am now getting rid of all of my other curling tools. 
I did list them on Instagram for sale but haven't really gotten any inquiries so my next step 
would be gifting them away to someone who will put them to use. 

For those of you wondering the 4Play costs $229.00 but NUME is currently having and listed
it for $189.00

19mm curls

32 mm waves/curls

25mm curls

Have any of you tried the 4Play or Dermoplast? 

Linny Justice