Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Repost: Interview Outfit #2

Hi Dolls,

So I came up with another outfit idea that can either be used for an interview or the office.

I've come to the realization that looking plain and boring can affect your mood and performance. And who said looking BORING was in? Just because you work in a professional environment doesn't really mean that you have to go with the old fashioned and traditional office wear. It's totally okay to throw a tinge of fashion in there to avoid blending in.

As far as make-up goes keep it simple! Simple is always safe and achieved in a timely fashioned--You're not going out to a night club, party, or bar save that look for a company party/dinner.  If you want to opt for a bolder look, I would advice you to play up your lips with a classic red or a vibrant pink.

Face: Foundation
         Bronzer (where the sun would usually hit....create the number 3 and the letter E on the sides of your face)
         Subtle Blush on the apples of your cheeks
Eyes: Eyeliner on upper lash line
          Skin toned Eyeliner on your water line to make you look awake and high light your inner tear duct. 
         Lips: Classic Chanel Red that matches your skin complexion
         Neutral Color: pink, or nude
Nails: Neutral Colors work best unless you're a nail polish junkie and change your polish frequently
Interview Outfit #2


PS. A nice statement watch and a sturdy hand shake will earn you brownie points ;)
PSS. I have that Peplum dress and it's gorgeousssss!

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I like it!!! Great post!! <3