Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lacey Lilac

Hey all, 

I think i'm developing a new addiction for nail polishes! Perhaps because i haven't been able to go get a manicure and I've been desperately wanting one... so you may ask yourself... "well dummy! why don't you go and get one then?" LOL I haven't had time lately since I've been working like a mad woman trying to pay off some school debt. So, with that being said I've been resorting to buying nail polishes and painting my nails myself. 

Recently I watched Lette76's video and she showcased this beautiful bright lilac color on her finger nails and I fell in love with the color that she listed as OPI rumple's wiggin' and to my dismay this color came out last May 2010 with the Shrek collection and is not available in stores anymore... ANDDDD I would be doomed if I go on Amazon or Ebay and spend $14-$30 on a nail polish.

So a little research paid off because I think I found a dupe for this beautiful color that is no longer attainable unless you're psychotic and go and spend the price mentioned above! Anyways, the color is Lacey Lilac from Sally Hansen and it ONLY cost me $2.47. The consistency is amazing, the brush is amazing, and the price is definitely amazing! 

I decided to play around with it and add glitter to my index finger
Sorry for my crappy painting skills and for having OLD LADY HANDS LOL

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