Thursday, September 29, 2011

Acne Prone Skin

Hey Dolls, 

So if you follow me on Twitter  you already know that i've been complaining how bad my skin has been lately.  As you know acne is hereditary and this issue is  really tough for me since non of my family have acne prone skin. I've put together a little video so you can see how bad my zits and scars are and also, what i use in order to control these break outs. I've also left more visuals to give you a better idea of how bad it can get.

Theres a series of products I use on my face that work for me BUT controlling my breakouts have been extremely easily by applying Sudocrem day and night  in addition to using a mask once or twice a week. This cream is so thick that it is impossible to wear during the day which is why I use it as a spot treatment and at night I spread it all over my face. 



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