Thursday, July 21, 2011

Voluptuous Lips?

Hey Dolls,

So, I recently visited a plastic surgeon's office determined to get lip injections despite the negativity behind it as i find that my lips are extremely small and unsymmetrical however, I left the surgeon's office with a change of heart. The plastic surgeon was extremely honest and truly recommended to stay away from lip injections but did recommend lip plumper(s). Luckily I was referred to a very well known surgeon in NYC and was able to get a true and honest opinion about the procedure instead of going to any other surgeon's office that only cared about getting money. With that being said, I am on a mission to find the best lip plumper in the market.

I want the best of the best....

Do you guys have any suggestions? what are your takes on Plastic Surgery?



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sweetmouse24 said...

There's a small surprise for you on my blog :)