Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Find!

Hey Dolls, 

So on a trip to my grandmother's house i found this old Vintage bag she had laying around in her closet. I really love how old it looks and how chic it would look paired up with a simple outfit, high heels, and a well done make-up job! 

When I asked her if I could have it she didn't oppose and handed right to me since I am her on granddaughter ;) 




stilettolover91 said...

Yay, it's nice!

R said...

it's gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

OOO I love vintage bags, this one is cute, i'm thinking pants, black high heels, cute top and a big floppy hat.

Hatchet Hollie said...

I love going through my grannies stuff! I always find the best stuff.

MissGabbie said...

Yay, defo i love this bag! when i first saw it, that i may be a vintage designer :)