Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello dolls,

So valentines day is coming up and i want to debut red lips at work however, i work in a professional environment, would it be appropriate?




Rossella said...

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My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

Momz Blotter said...

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LearningByReading said...

very tough call...arguments for either side :)

silvia Navarro said...

you´re so cute!!!
beautiful post!!!
love it!!!=P

Little Red Hen said...

Totally! I have done it as more of a stain (patting a bit on from the bullett with my finger) as it's not quite so Dita Von Teese and lasts a bit better. Lisa Eldridge has done a video on it.

Lovely Blog by the way.

wheatgerm said...

happy Valentines