Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey dolls,

So this weekend i was supposed to go to a haunted house with a group of friends for Halloween but unfortunately  i ended up getting dressed for NOTHING because we ended up not going due to a time restraint.
style number 1 
style number 2

style number 3

style number 4
I couldn't decide whether to leave my hair up, down, or in a pony tail so as i was driving i decided to play around (SAFETY HAZARD: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS).

Royal blue fitted shirt (express)
Black blazer (boutique in SoHo)
Stylish Kim Kardashian looking leggins (express) sorry they do not make a debut since i'm sitting in my car =/ however, you can peep them in the link below.*&Mrsavf=*&Mppg=0

Fergie Ledger

i basically just used a conical wand to accentuate my natural curls
MACs Haute & Naughty Lash
Bare Minerals foundation (i think its too light, or the flash just washed me out)
NARS laguna bronzer
Ruby Wood (matte finish)
Cherry Lip Liner


PS. i darkened my hair =D


MakeupbyNina said...

Red lips look stunning on you! Great FOTN (:

Classy Dea said...

Thanks Doll!

Classy Dea said...
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Casey said...

hey, i like your sytle...but before i'm gonna do those i should have this Weight Loss . . .

Delyteful Speaks said...

oh wow style 3 looks amazing on you