Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey dolls.

Although this is a non-beauty related blog post i wanted to still take the time to write it before heading over to my next class...

My mother and grandmother always told me that giving to someone less fortunate than yourself opens the doors to many great opportunities and I have come to conclude that this indeed is a 100% true.

The other day i was stopped at a red light wishing it would turn green to speed off to work because i was running late as I was approached by a man who was either homeless or was a drug addict. Usually i get petrified and check to see if the doors are locked as i seen a lot of crazy things happen to people due to leaving their car doors unlocked. To give you an insight of the craziness-- years ago my mother almost got attacked by a man who tried to steal her Cartier watch. I remember him running towards the car and viciously tried to open the car door. Luckily my mother had locked the door at the right time otherwise god knows what would have happened. 

 Back to what i was trying to say, the man looked at me in the eyes and rubbed his belly and asked for money to "feed himself"...People have the mentality that many of the people begging are not truly homeless--which in some cases they're not but in many other cases they are... Anyways, i reached to where i keep my spare change and handed him EVERYTHING i had in the little compartment....He thanked me and i went on about my merry way. Believe it or not, i felt accomplished and generous, i felt like i helped someone even if the person wasn't going to use the money for good... Many people think that being homeless or a drug addict is a decision made by choice and no one ever stops to analyze the factors that lead individuals to these life destructing events... I basically gave this man petty cash--probably not enough to even buy himself a candy bar but i gave him everything I had and by doing this i was given $300.00 out of no where.... when you help others in need life tends to reward you in very mysterious ways... so whenever you have a chance to help someone out other than yourself, do so without hesitation. Lending them your hands won't hurt you and along the way somehow someway you will get rewarded for what you did--Karma.

this post is not to preach nor bore people rather to enlighten you and encourage you to see the good in everything that seems negative.

With that being said, hope you all a great day!




Anonymous said...

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Chloe Mia said...

This is such a nice story. It must have been Karma!