Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey guys,

I've been MIA since May and i apologize! to be quite honest I lost my inspiration and feel like everything i have to say other people could do it much better than I can; however, I do have a review for you guys about a line that contacted me and sent me some products to test out a while back and i haven't been motivated enough to sit down and give a concrete honest review about the products. I see I have a few NEW FOLLOWERS and i'm uber excited about it. It honestly makes me very happy that people actually enjoy reading my blog. I've realized that it's not about how many followers you have rather the enjoyment you get out of expressing your feelings and have others relate. 

With that said, 

I'm not going to be focusing my blog on strictly beauty posts but i am going to mix things up a bit and include other things which I love.... 

Tootles,  <3

PS. I've MADE A NEW TWITTER..... FOLLOW ME @Linny_Justice


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am one of your new followers xox


walterbayliss said...

Great Post. I have subscribed to the RSS -
Looking forward to more content.
Did you know you can get Hundreds of instant Subscribers AND update here to blogger?
Walt Bayliss
CEO and Founder

Pinklipssstick said...

I can't find you on twitter :(