Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey guys,

I've never been fond of taking care of my real nails or going for manicures for that matter. I have had tips before and i find them to be easier to maintain. Recently since seeing the hype of nail polishes on blogs and YouTube I've decided to give this a go.

I had purchased the Sally Hensen's Miracle Growth the on in the gold bottle and i have to admit that stuff was CRAP! I don't like it, i don't think it hardens or strengthens my nails in any form or way but after all what doesn't work on me might work on others. 

I had learned about this strengthener in high school and i was told by the classmate that used it that it was only sold overseas so i never got to experiment with it until my dearly make-up and beauty addict friend had shown me the same exactly bottle that my classmate used back then.  I've been using this product for about a month on and off and my nails have improved sooo much!  

I'm posting these before and after pictures and i might do a giveaway when i reveal my handy dandy nail crack that i found thanks to my friend... tell me what you guys think! My nails were longer than the after picture but i had to file them down because they were all different lenghth



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Anonymous said...

And the product would be...???? Don't leave me hanging here!