Monday, March 15, 2010

Shu Uemura: Lash Repair

Hey guys,

I'm amazed at how much motivation I've gotten in the past two weeks to update my blog. Although it's something I love to do it's something difficult to get around to when you work and go to school... I wished I had a normal schedule and get to go home from work at a decent time but unfortunately, that doesn't happen in my world. However, I am providing you guys with a quick review on something i purchased about 1 to 2 weeks ago in a little upscale cosmetic store that I go to whenever I get a chance.

The product I purchased is Shu Uemura Lash Repair. WHO KNOWS HOW YOU PRONOUNCE THE SECOND PART OF THAT BRAND... I sure as heck don't!

For a couple of months now I've been having an issue with having weak eyelashes which causes them to fall. I often scare myself because I think one morning I will wake up without any eyelashes on my lids =X I completely understand that we are supposed to shed our eyelashes, hair, eyebrows to grow new hair but in my case it was uncontrollable (I mean I'm not trying to be a drama queen but I literally had little patches without eyelashes.... WAHHHH!) Anyways, this product can be used in 3 ways: 1. Primer before applying mascara, 2. Overnight deep conditioner, 3. By itself. I have to say that this product works... I gave myself a good 2 weeks of applying the product on a daily basis (morning and night) then discontinued using it for a few days to see if it worked and I simply wasn't going through a placebo effect and from this mini experiment on myself the guinea pig, I've concluded that this product does work and it does exactly what it states on the box although it is not a lash enhancer like Li-Lash per se. When you apply it on a daily basis your eyelashes do not fall off instead they look long, thick, and healthy however, there is one tiny downfall to this product and it's the simple fact that when you discontinue using it your eyelash begins to fall out like previously stated although not immediately after you stop using it. Another thing that i like about this product is that it has a minty scent to it. No, it does not make your eyeballs tingle.

THIS PRODUCT DOES CONTAIN SWEET ALMOND EXTRACT, so if you're allergic to almonds I  don't recommend you using this.

Price: $22
Will I Repurchase? Yes
Will I recommend it? Yes


Linny Justice

PS. The brush is tiny to help you get all the hard-to-reach lashes, a little goes a long way! AND DID I MENTION YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS ON YOUR EYEBROWS! I haven't tried it on my eyebrows but now that I know I will be sure to give it a go. 

**for the record I did just recently proof read this and almost croaked... LIKE HELLO MISS JUSTICE AREN'T YOU IN COLLEGE? LOL


Musicalhouses said...

LOL! I have to say I found your review absolutely hilarious! I think Uemura is pronounced as ooh-eh-moo-rah (so says my pathetic 1 year of learning Japanese). And I totally laughed at your statement about not making the eyeballs tingle - that would be scary LOL.

ClassyDea66 said...

LOL i'm glad you find it hilarious... it just cracked me up as i re-read it and couldn't believe how many mistakes there were! AHHHHHH

Dylana said...

I just came across your blog!

It is lovely!