Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Quick Hello!

It's been a while since I posted my last depressive post therefore, I've decided to update you guys all on how I'm feeling. I could finally say I  am feeling better however I still have those bad days, but after all what can you do? Many advised me to seek professional help but I decided to pass on that advice since I know exactly what's going to happen-- the doc will hook me on anti-depressants and that's not a commitment I am willing to take at this time due to the fact that I believe that my feelings were based on situational events that were taking place at that point in time. Tests, papers, and work create stress and that is overwhelming  in general. After all thats the life of a struggling college student. 

I've set a few goals that I would like to accomplish by the summertime and hope that everything has a positive outcome. I have also been trying to eat healthy and be a bit more conscious of everything I put in my mouth. I've cut out SODA AND SWEETENED BEVERAGES indefinitely. I have to admit that I've been extremely good, I haven't cheated nor had withdrawals-- YAY ME! These types of beverages make you gain weight and accentuate cellulites and YES I HAVE MAJOR CELLULITES, WHAT CAN I DO?!?! LOL also we cannot forget what it does to our organs- YUK! I know you're probably asking yourselves, then what does she drink? Well I only drink water, tea (no sugar, honey, or sweeteners), and seltzer. I sometimes add some lemon to my water for flavor.

some advantages I've discovered to only drinking water/tea/seltzer
-My face is super clear- like never before!
-my pores are minimized
-I'm less bloated
-the whites on my eyeballs are whiter
-I don't feel as tired and sluggish like I did when I was drowning my body in sugar

What do you guys drink on a daily basis? Do you feel remorse after drinking something that you know is bad for you?

P.S. I also don't drink coffee nor alcoholic beverages which also helps a ton. 

Linny Justice

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CocoBella said...

Hello hun, glad you are feeling better! I have bad days of anxiety and whatnot also..it stinks. Congrats on not drinking any soda!! I've been trying to do the same thing but slipped up a few times. :/ I find it so hard to eat healthy but you're right...you feel so much better. I drink a lot of tea but unfortunately I use sweeteners. Anyway hope you stick with it & feel good! Xx