Monday, March 15, 2010

Shu Uemura: Lash Repair

Hey guys,

I'm amazed at how much motivation I've gotten in the past two weeks to update my blog. Although it's something I love to do it's something difficult to get around to when you work and go to school... I wished I had a normal schedule and get to go home from work at a decent time but unfortunately, that doesn't happen in my world. However, I am providing you guys with a quick review on something i purchased about 1 to 2 weeks ago in a little upscale cosmetic store that I go to whenever I get a chance.

The product I purchased is Shu Uemura Lash Repair. WHO KNOWS HOW YOU PRONOUNCE THE SECOND PART OF THAT BRAND... I sure as heck don't!

For a couple of months now I've been having an issue with having weak eyelashes which causes them to fall. I often scare myself because I think one morning I will wake up without any eyelashes on my lids =X I completely understand that we are supposed to shed our eyelashes, hair, eyebrows to grow new hair but in my case it was uncontrollable (I mean I'm not trying to be a drama queen but I literally had little patches without eyelashes.... WAHHHH!) Anyways, this product can be used in 3 ways: 1. Primer before applying mascara, 2. Overnight deep conditioner, 3. By itself. I have to say that this product works... I gave myself a good 2 weeks of applying the product on a daily basis (morning and night) then discontinued using it for a few days to see if it worked and I simply wasn't going through a placebo effect and from this mini experiment on myself the guinea pig, I've concluded that this product does work and it does exactly what it states on the box although it is not a lash enhancer like Li-Lash per se. When you apply it on a daily basis your eyelashes do not fall off instead they look long, thick, and healthy however, there is one tiny downfall to this product and it's the simple fact that when you discontinue using it your eyelash begins to fall out like previously stated although not immediately after you stop using it. Another thing that i like about this product is that it has a minty scent to it. No, it does not make your eyeballs tingle.

THIS PRODUCT DOES CONTAIN SWEET ALMOND EXTRACT, so if you're allergic to almonds I  don't recommend you using this.

Price: $22
Will I Repurchase? Yes
Will I recommend it? Yes


Linny Justice

PS. The brush is tiny to help you get all the hard-to-reach lashes, a little goes a long way! AND DID I MENTION YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS ON YOUR EYEBROWS! I haven't tried it on my eyebrows but now that I know I will be sure to give it a go. 

**for the record I did just recently proof read this and almost croaked... LIKE HELLO MISS JUSTICE AREN'T YOU IN COLLEGE? LOL

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Beauty Blender

Hey Dolls,

When I first began the journey to my makeup addiction I never knew how many different inventions there were out there to apply foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc. While searching around the net I came across this little egg shaped object that you see below, its a sponge that can be used to apply makeup (foundation, blush, concealer) and is indeed a clever invention. I've heard and read a lot of reviews on YouTube and on blogs, some good, some bad, however, I needed to come up with my own hypothesis (I hypothesized that this sponge was too expensive and had to do great things for the price it cost) and opinion about it and let you guys know what I think... I decided to go ahead and split the cost with my friend and buy the pack of 2 sponges and cleanser. My friend receive 1 sponge and half the bottle of cleaner and i kept 1 sponge the remaining cleanser that was left.

When I saw my friend apply foundation with the beauty blender i was in SHOCK... "WOW what a flawless finish," I thought. I JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE how much coverage it gave her without looking a bit cakey. (while writing this post i allowed myself 5 minutes to re apply my Chanel Pro Lumiere with the beauty blender and i'm in LOVE). No brush that I've ever used gives me the finish this sponge gives my face... it is UNBELIEVABLE! I wouldn't recommend using the beauty blender with non-liquid foundations, such as the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, or any compacted dry foundations for that matter... I've tried it and it does not give your face a flawless finish like when used with liquid foundations.

I love the fact that it comes with its own cleanser and I do advice anyone that does get this creation to wash it after every use. The box says that it can last up to 3 months but I'm positive it can last more than that if the proper cleansing techniques are used.

What's even cooler is that the package explains in details how to use the sponge. You can use the pointy tip to apply makeup in hard to reach areas or simply to apply concealer. You can use the sides of the sponge to apply your foundation and the wide bottom to apply cream blush. It's basically a 3 in 1 tool.

IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS TOOL PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RUN THE SPONGE UNDER WATER AND SQUEEZE OUT THE EXCESS WATER WITH A PAPER TOWEL BEFORE USING IT. Why? BECAUSE DAMPENING THE SPONGE MAKES APPLYING THE MAKEUP EASIER and it's gentle uber gentle on your face. If you apply any foundation with a dry sponge you're going to experience that scratchy sensation and you're make up is going to look cakey on your skin.

Where can you order this product: or
How much does it cost: $39.95 for 2 sponges and the cleanser
*for only one sponge and the cleanser it's $34.95 (why not invest in two sponges for the $5.00 extra dollars
will i be re-purchasing this item: HECK YEAH!


PS. Have you tried the beauty blender? if so, what do you think of this magnificent invention?

TAG: Skin Care--MakeUp

♥ How many times do you wash your face daily? Once on good days twice ( i know it's bad!!!)
♥ What is your skintype? Oily
♥ Current facial wash? Proactiv
♥ Do you exfoliate? If so, with what? Yes. With the Proactiv cleanser and St. Ives Microderma Abrasion
♥ Moisturiser? Proactiv Green tea moisturizer
♥ Do you have freckles? No
♥ Do you use eye cream? none at the moment, i was using a sample of ERNO LASZLO which i love.... going to purchase it sooN!
♥ Do you have acne prone skin? yes, it sucks
♥ Did you ever use Pro Active? yes, thats what i'm using now because my face was uncontrollable

♥ What foundation do you use? Chanel Pro Lumiere & Mac Mineralize (NEW ONE)
♥ Concealer? MAC studio finish and MAC select moisture cover
♥ Undertone? yellow, NC
♥ What do you think of false lashes? They're phenomenal! gives a female some sex appeal
♥ What brand of mascara do you use? MUFE Smokey Lash (LOVE), YSL Faux Cils (LOVE) L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen (LOVE), Rimmel The MAX volume flash (LIKE, its the one in the hot pink tube)
♥ Sephora or MAC? Both--you can find awesome things in both
♥ Which tools do you use in makeup application? Brushes, Sponges, and fingers
♥ Do you use primer for the eyes? Yes all the time! i have oily lids therefore i need one to keep the shadows looking vibrant and pretty!
♥ Face? Laura Geller's Spackle
♥ Favourite eyeshadow? i would have to say temping.... I know theres another one i love best but can't think of it since i have so many now!
♥ Do you use pencil or liquid liner? Pencil and GEL
♥ Thoughts on pigment shadows? ehhh! they're cool but way too messy and expensive
♥ Do you use mineral makeup? yes, i guess!
♥ Favourite lipstick? MAC Angel & MAC Viva glam V
♥ Lipgloss? MAC underage
♥ Favourite blush? MAC PeachyKeen & Nars Deep Throat
♥ Do you buy makeup on eBay? NOPE
♥ Drugstore makeup? L'oreal, Maybelline, and Rimmel
♥ Ever consider taking makeup classes? OMG YES
♥ Are you clumsy when applying makeup? NO
♥ Do you like colourful or neutral makeup? Mainly Neutral
♥ Favourite celebrity makeup? Kim Kardashian
♥ If you had to leave the house wearing only one item of makeup, what would it be? Mascara
♥ Could you leave the house with no makeup on? OMG YES everyday
♥ Do you look good with no makeup on? Probably not but i don't care what people think.
♥ In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? MAC
♥ What do you think of makeup? I believe Make-up when and only applied correctly can change the way a person thinks about themselves. It boosts up ones self-esteem and confidence.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Quick Hello!

It's been a while since I posted my last depressive post therefore, I've decided to update you guys all on how I'm feeling. I could finally say I  am feeling better however I still have those bad days, but after all what can you do? Many advised me to seek professional help but I decided to pass on that advice since I know exactly what's going to happen-- the doc will hook me on anti-depressants and that's not a commitment I am willing to take at this time due to the fact that I believe that my feelings were based on situational events that were taking place at that point in time. Tests, papers, and work create stress and that is overwhelming  in general. After all thats the life of a struggling college student. 

I've set a few goals that I would like to accomplish by the summertime and hope that everything has a positive outcome. I have also been trying to eat healthy and be a bit more conscious of everything I put in my mouth. I've cut out SODA AND SWEETENED BEVERAGES indefinitely. I have to admit that I've been extremely good, I haven't cheated nor had withdrawals-- YAY ME! These types of beverages make you gain weight and accentuate cellulites and YES I HAVE MAJOR CELLULITES, WHAT CAN I DO?!?! LOL also we cannot forget what it does to our organs- YUK! I know you're probably asking yourselves, then what does she drink? Well I only drink water, tea (no sugar, honey, or sweeteners), and seltzer. I sometimes add some lemon to my water for flavor.

some advantages I've discovered to only drinking water/tea/seltzer
-My face is super clear- like never before!
-my pores are minimized
-I'm less bloated
-the whites on my eyeballs are whiter
-I don't feel as tired and sluggish like I did when I was drowning my body in sugar

What do you guys drink on a daily basis? Do you feel remorse after drinking something that you know is bad for you?

P.S. I also don't drink coffee nor alcoholic beverages which also helps a ton. 

Linny Justice