Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thoughts: LIFE

Often we forget about the people that matter in this world, until they're gone... Unfortunately at that point everything you've long to tell them replays in your and then it's way too late. Inside you feel remorse and culpability and wished you had a couple of minutes to tell them that whatever happened that tore you guys apart wasn't as big of a deal as you guys made it to be... Take time every day to appreciate those that matter and eliminate those that don't.

Call to ask how they're doing? See if they need your help and lend a hand if you can, tell them you love them, compliment them in their success, compliment their look, make someone feel worthy in life because the worst part of life is feeling unworthy, ugly, and lonely.

Now this concludes my little rant of the day

Linny Justice

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