Friday, June 26, 2009

My Top 5 Tearjerkers

After reading Daisy's lovely blog about her top 5 tearjerkers which by the way were great choices, i got inspired to fill you guys in on my top 5 tearjerkers.

I'm a bit of a tough girl on the outside, I tend to act like nothing ever hurts me, but truth be told i am very sentimental so without any further a dues, here are my top 5 choices.

1. Marley & Me

Oh my, where should i begin with this film? I watched this film when it came out in DVD because of all the reviews i got from friends & family. I thought to myself do i really want to sit in a movie theatres and ball my eyes out? Wow! when i say I was totally taken by how cute and innocent the doggy looked. I've never sobbed and hyperventilated over a movie ever and this is why this movie holds a spot at #1 for the biggest tearjerker! perhaps the reason that i have a doggy made twice as emotional.

2. Gran Turino

Loved this film although it made me cry and laugh (what a perfect combo, huh?). This film caught me by surprise, you wouldn't think it was a tearjerker by the trailer but when i sat in the movie theaters and watched it you come to realize the meaning behind it and how people can change despite any negatives impact in their past. I have to give tons of credit to Clint Eastwood for the magnificent part he played in the movie and for all the racial slurs he managed to pull.

3. P.S. I love you

THIS IS AN AMAZING FILM! I loved this film a lot despite the fact that i cried my eyes out watching it. It's one of those films that you can watch over and over again without it getting boring or old. In many instances a lot of girls can relate to Holly's story about loosing a loved one. It's quite shocking how one day you can have your life sorted out and the next it could crumble.

4. A Walk to Remember

Such a sad story, people say that life shouldn't be taken for granted and it's definitely true. Mandy Moore portrays a character with terminal leukemia that finds love in the school's troublemaker and together go on a journey to please each other and make the best of time. This story shows the true meaning of love and the importance of living life to the max.

5. La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful)

This film is about a family that get broken up during the holocaust. I first watched this film in my Italian class in Italian of course. Although i wasn't able to understand everything because it was my 2nd year of Italian but i still remember balling my eyes out. The abuse these people had to go through was sadistic and un-called for but at the end of the movie when the American Soldiers liberated what was left of people portrays a happy ending. IT'S A MUST SEE, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

The Notebook
I'm pretty sure you all know why this movie is a tearjerker. There is no need for me to yap about it because it's definitely an awesome love story.


LaurenELLEN_xoxo said...

These films are amazing!

I love a walk to remember and the notebook! :)

lynn said...

mine def is notebook. i always read books before watching movies. a walk to remember is beautiful

Bobby said...

Gran Torino? That wasn't that sad was it? Noteboo though defo!

I had a go at making my own tear jerker trailer in my blog Bob Versus Tearjerkers:

Any good?