Thursday, June 18, 2009

In and Out take 3


It's Wednesday about 1:38 am and for some reason I always find myself writing these posts on this particular day of the week (totally unplanned)...

-In(s) -
- Bathing suits- purchased two from Victoria Secret and i am in LOVE-although i haven't achieved that slamming bikini body.
-Green Tea- either Lipton or Starbucks doesn't matter.
-wearing my hair down- the easiest way for me to wear my hair is in a bun since it's so curly but lately i've been giving my hair a bit more of attention and i quite like the results.
-Firming Lotion- Jergens and Nivea have really good ones
-Victoria Secret Body Spray/Mist- love love love love--i have gotten so many compliments on how nice it smells.
-Nivea Cellulite gel- smells nice and its helping

-Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle moisturizer- I've been noticing that my face has been an oily mess after applying this product. It works wonders in the winter but i think i might switch to a gel formula for the summer (or perhaps it's the weather?).
-Driving with an expired license-- :/
-FAKE FRIENDS- eliminated a couple from my life!
-MAC- Studio Sculpt foundation (i even forgot the name)- wore it today and it oxidized orange/red on my skin not a nice thing to notice specially after you're in your car driving somewhere.

That's it for now folks! I know it's not strictly make-up related but these are the things that are currently in the IN(s) and OUT(s) in my life... WHAT ARE YOUR IN AND OUTS?

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