Saturday, June 20, 2009


Mon Petit Haul :)

This weekend I've had the opportunity to treat myself to a few goodies that I've been obsessing over for quite some time now. First, i got a cream blush from MAC (of course!) in LadyBlush.

This blush could be worn in multiple ways, you can wear it as a primer prior to applying blush or you can wear it solo. It's a peachy pink color that gives your cheeks the perfect healthy looking flush. The only down side to this is that it's a bit sticky before application but once on the skin the stickiness goes away.
Price: $19.50 (tax included)

Second, The Bf got me an Estee Lauder perfume in Bronze Goddess.

This perfume is limited edition launch that comes out every summer as part of their summer collection. It smells gorgeous and it reminds me of being at the beach which is a plus because the weather here in the states has been horrendous for the past month. This perfume honestly gets me in a great mood! I think it's a must summer fragrance in my opinion anyways and I am not just saying this so people could go out an purchase it rather because I'm extremely picky with fragrances, most get me sick, Hence, Juicy Couture or CK Euphoria so when i find a good fragrance that suits my likes I always recommend. One Spritz of this does the job but I like to spray myself more than once, it's a habit!
Price: $49.00

Third and Final, MAC Style Warrior's Lustre Drops in Sun Rush
I stopped by MAC and had to get these drops because for one i heard a lot of good reviews and simply because i wanted to try it ;) These drops are pretty cool and versatile (I'll do a separate review on this product). I wasn't really intrigued by anything else in this collection which is why I only got one item from it. I must say the exterior package is cute and wild.
Price: $19.50

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