Thursday, April 9, 2009

In and Outs -Take 2-

I was supposed to post this blog last Wednesday but I got a tad LAZY and didn't finish it until today. So here it goes:


Hello Kitty's Mimmy Lip gloss: for the past week and a half I've been wearing this lip gloss, I don't know why but i like how it makes my lips look, feel, and it's long lasting. For some reason i feel like this gloss plumps my lips as well.

Mineral Skin Finish (natural): instead of wasting my time in the morning with my foundation routine, i have been only applying this MSF and some blush and I'm all ready to go. It doesn't make my face look powdery and it definitely covers the redness in my face (+).

Waves: Gee i have super curly hair and it's extremely annoying to maintain, so lately what I've been doing is after i wash my hair i squeeze all the excess water out and then braid it or sometimes part my hair into 4 equal parts and then create 4 buns and let it sit over night.

Spanish Soap Operas- I've been deprived of watching TV lately because of school overload but now that I am on spring break I've caught up to all of my episodes...OH THANK YOU DVR!


Liquid Foundation- Gee why can't i find an awesome liquid foundation to cover these imperfections?????

Hair Loss- I am not quite sure if hair loss is hereditary but my hair has been falling out and i don't know what to do or try!!!! (could it be because my hair is so long?? i would say 23"-24" long)

Oily Hair: YES! I know it's gross but It's a recent problem i have developed...For instance, I could go and get my hair blown out on a Friday and I could feel it getting oily the following day (Saturday).


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