Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In and Outs -take 1-

So I've totally have taken this idea from Lollipop26 and Allthatglitters21. I think these short and straight to the point blogs are fun to read and you somewhat get an idea of what's in. Soooo here is mine:

•TWITTER» I find this branch of social networking to be super entertaining. Having actual celebrities such as P.Diddy, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore,and Shaq tweet is a plus (I was skeptical at first about the celebrities... As I know from experience that most of the time they hire people to run their page, hence I was one of them).

•Fitness» truth of the matter is that I haven't worn a bikini in 3-4 years and I truly want to break that chain. Summer is a couple months away and I need to shed the extra pounds I've put on during the hibernation season.

•Eyebrows» I've never had perfect eyebrows and secretly envied most celebrities for having such perfect eyebrows--shape,length, thickness, and arch. So I found this new place at nordtroms by me with an anastasia eyebrow studio and ever since I started going there my eyebrows have improved drastically (maybe ill post a before and after picture)


•Constant change of tempeture» comeee onnn I'm seriously tired of getting teased. I would love to put my winter clothes away pull out some nice sandals, skirts, shorts, tank tops, dresses.

•Facebbok- sorrryyyyy but twitter is slowly winning my heart. I once had myspace and deleted it for facebook and now I have a feeling I'm going to delete facebook for twitter.

•BlackBerries» I've literally have been through about 4 blackberries in a matter of 6 months--NOT GOOD! They're really fun to have but I'm ready for an upgrade.



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