Monday, March 23, 2009


I started doing my eyebrows on my 16 birthday. I first tried wax and then threading. Threading is good depending on how skilled the person. I was very unfortunate and got my eyebrows BUTCHEREDDD! it was so bad i had to let them grow in for approximately 2 months (beastly). I had a talk with my beauty consultant (Alexa) and she took me to a Anastasia eyebrow studio  ;) and believe me when i say it's like CRACK because you see your eyebrows transform from ugly to beautiful.... It's a bit pricey for eyebrows but it's worth every single cent that I've spent on them LOL...

Eyebrows are very essential to EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD whether they're female or male... it accentuates your face and provides you with a polished look.

Haven't you notice how Hollywood stars always have perfect eyebrows???? i.e Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad, Meagan Fox, Jessica Alba.... and many others and this is thanks to Anastasia Soare-- THE EYEBROW QUEEN!!!!!

The example below are pictures of some girls with eyebrows DON'T... eyebrows shouldn't be that thin no matter what!
TIP: If you're trying to save money and are plucking your eyebrows yourself try the Anastasia eyebrow kit. It provides you with an easier and precise way to pluck them without over-plucking.

If you're going to a place where they've butchered you're eyebrows (hence, me!) -- This just simply means that it is time to move on and visit someone a little more experienced even if its a little more expensive.... Remember, beautiful eyebrows makes you feel beautiful inside and out!!!

(on a side note: TATTOOING your eyebrows to your face is definitely a FASHION DON'T)

PLEASE CLICK ON or COPY THE LINK PROVIDED: watch the Anastasia Video to see how people get PERFECT eyebrows

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