Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dislikes+Opinions=New Discoveries


I absolutely hate this foundation.

I'm not quite sure if the MA gave me the right color but once applied i feel like I'm wearing tons of it. I feel very artificial and flaky. I explained to the MA that i have oily/acne prone/sensitive skin and for some reason she thought this was the most adequate choice. To be quite honest i would have chosen the MAC Studio Tech and my Studio Fix powder :/... more money doesn't necessarily mean good quality.

I usually ask my BF's sister for suggestions and opinions about certain products and she told me to go Nordstroms and search for Giorgio Armani's face fabric second skin nude makeup SPF 12... and can i say "LOVEEEEEs IT"... This does not give full coverage plus i wouldn't call it a foundation anyways, it's more like a tinted moisturizer. I love the texture and the coverage it gives me and the way it glides on very smoothly. I would definitely recommend this product for those who don't like to wear an excessive amount of make-up or make-up starters. It's $45.00 USD, little pricey but it's well worth it in my opinion.

The way i apply it:
1st:I apply a gel moisturizer on my face and let it set for 5 minutes

2nd: I apply Smash box's Photo finish primer all over and wait a few seconds

3rd: I apply the face fabric second skin nude makeup SPF 12 in #3

4th: I apply my blush, bronzer, etc.

Quick Note: when I took my little stroll through Nordstroms the lady at the Chanel counter told me that if I brought the foundation back she would exchange it for another one... pretty interesting.. I wonder if she would exchange it even if i dont have the box anymore?!?!?!

Foundations I would like to try at the moment:
-Make Up Forever HD
-MAC Studio Fix
-LaPraire- I don't think they will carry my color though. :::tears:::

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