Thursday, January 8, 2009

And it all started with a Gift Card

My obsession started two years ago (maybe three) when i received a $400 gift card to Nordstroms for Christmas from my boyfriend. I remembered being asked what i wanted and decided to take the chance and ask for the the gift card. I had begged my mom for year but she found my choice of make-up quite expensive and addicting

BUT regardless of what she thought i still managed to get what i wanted... My boyfriend's sister took me to the MAC counter in Nordstroms and helped me pick out a whole bunch of stuff--mostly shadows and lip glosses.

I got a:
Christian Dior Palette in 990--Tender Chic (mostly used it for an everyday look)
MACSweet Lust
sumptuous Olive
Beauty Marked
Honey Lust
Lip Products
MAC Lustreglass- Instant Gold
MAC Lustreglass- Flashmode
MAC Plushglass- Cushy White
MAC Lipglass- C-thru

MAC Eye Kohl
Phone Number

This was the beginning of my collection and I don't regret spending so much money on it.

For a long period of time i stopped buying make-up and missed out on a lot of collections and colors that came out :( which deeply inside i regret!!! AHHHH but now i am back in business.

P.S. I am not a gold digger... It was simply a gift, thereon after, i have gotten everything myself with my hard work and earned money.

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